Keynote Speaker

internationally-renowned Sculptor and Visual Artist


Photo of Enrique Carbajal, pen name "Sebastian"

Sebastian (Enrique Carbajal González Santiván) is a Mexican sculptor and visual artist known internationally for his large-format sculptures and architectural design. His work has been shown in more than 235 exhibitions since the late 1960s and received numerous accolades. His contemporary designs often feature his interest in mathematics, geometry, and science (for which he holds five honorary doctorate degrees) as well as themes of unity and justice.

Sebastian is currently a part-time resident of San Antonio, TX where many of his works feature prominently throughout the city. Between October 2019 and May 2020, the city of San Antonio celebrated his contributions with "Sebastian in San Antonio", which featured more than 100 pieces of his work on display at over 20 sites throughout the city.

The iconic "Torch of Friendship" reminds visitors of the relationship between Mexico and San Antonio, and the "Door of Equality" represents the city's dedication to the fight for civil and human rights.