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The Data Science Community Newsletter (DSCN) is a witty, informative newsletter launched in 2015 and now wholly supported by the Academic Data Science Alliance. Our writers include Catherine Cramer, Laura Norén, and Brad Stenger, who also does all the curation work!


The DSCN covers academic data science research and institution building, open science efforts, government funding of (data) science, key industry stories highlighting applications of data science and ethical missteps. We also provide a tweet of the week, a data visualization of the week, and abbreviated lists of events and conferences, calls for papers, and job postings.

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Meet our writers!

Photo of Brad Stenger

Brad Stenger is the ring master of the technical machinery that sources all the DSCN content from the far reaches of the internet. His information discovery and curation stack is what allows us to hit the breadth of coverage while maintaining clear focus on the topics that interest our readers. And he's stepped up to do quite a bit of the writing too! Besides newsletters, Brad enjoys hacking his Garmin and researching wearable technology.

Catherine Cramer headshot photo

Catherine Cramer is both honored and elated to be an Editor of DSCN. She is also the Assistant Director of the EarthCube Office at the San Diego Supercomputer Center at UCSD, as well as the Director and Co-Founder of the non-profit Woods Hole Institute. Her work centers on creating partnerships among research, industry and academia, and applying her experience in working with underserved communities on complex data and network sciences and workforce development. She is co-founder of the international Network Science in Education initiative, in its 9th year, and also serves on the Board of the Network Science Society. She co-leads the Data Science for All data literacy effort with the Northeast Big Data Innovation Hub, and she just finished collaborating on a COVID-19 data challenge with the West Big Data Innovation Hub and UCSD Border Solutions Alliance.

Laura Norén

Laura Norén is the former voice behind the newsletter. She is currently busy as VP of Privacy and Trust at Obsidian Security, a Visiting Scholar at NYU’s Center for Data Science, and a Visiting Scholar at UC-Berkeley’s Division of Data Science. She contributes in-depth pieces to the DSCN when she is able (watch for our section "From the desk of Laura Norén"). She holds a PhD in Sociology from NYU, undergrad degrees from MIT, and is broadly interested in the sociotechnical impacts of applied data science.

From the Desk 📄

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