DSCN Sponsorship FAQs

How do I pay the sponsor fee?

Please remit sponsor fees via credit card. If you need to pay via check, ACH, or wire transfer, please email: megan@academicdatascience.org

Do you have information about your readers in terms of demographics, fields of study, overall number?

Yes, please see:

Do sponsors have to be based in the US?


Are there any kinds of groups or institutions that cannot be sponsors?

Our sponsorship guidelines prevent us from accepting content from lobbyist groups and those that have run afoul of human rights treaties, university codes of conduct (for those based at universities), and the law in their jurisdictions.

The sponsor guidelines also prohibit content that promotes discriminatory, harmful, and wrongful uses of data science and AI.

What’s the deadline? When do I have to give you my content?

Get us your images, links, and copy by the Friday before your scheduled send out at the end of the day.

Once I send in the content, can I make changes?

There will be a chance to make small changes up to the Monday before send-out at 6 pm Pacific / 9 pm Eastern.

What if my content has been scheduled to run but I miss the deadline?

It is possible that we may be able to accommodate a slight miss of 12 hours or less. We may need to reschedule your content for a later issue of the DSCN, which may or may not be the subsequent issue.

We are unable to refund sponsorship fees when sponsors miss their submission deadlines. We will work with you to find a suitable date for your content.

Please communicate with us to let us know about any delays so that we have all solution options readily available.

What day will my content go out?

The DSCN typically goes out every other Wednesday.

The editorial team will work with you to select a Thursday for your content.

What kind of content can we put in a sponsored content box?

The content can consist of one image and text. Both the image and the text can have links embedded.

The max amount of text is 8 lines, though we recommend against writing an unbroken paragraph of that length.

Can I use special characters, formatting and fonts?

We can include special formatting such as emojis, bolding, underlining, etc. ⭐️

We are unable to accommodate unique fonts at this time.

What kind of content cannot be in a content box?

We are unable to run any content that could be construed as political lobbying, pornography, promotion of sexism, racism, or bigotry.

We can't run videos or gifs.

Do you have any tips for images?

The image will need to be legible on a mobile phone screen, because at least 30% of our readers access content via their phones. The best way to test this is to send yourself the image you want to run, check it out on an iPhone and check it out on an Android phone. If you can't make sense of the image without zooming in or rotating the phone to horizontal layout, it is a good idea to reformat the image.

See also: next question

Do you have any tips for increasing engagement with my content?

Yes! We sure do.

1. Keep your text short. Focus on finding the language that will have people asking for more. Avoid trying to summarize your entire message.

2. Use logos associated with the most prominent brand available to you.
For instance, if you are from an academic lab within a larger university, use the logo of the university with or without the logo associated with your lab or project.

3. End the message with a clear call to action.
In as few words as possible, direct readers to the action you want them to take.

For instance, "Take the survey" or "Register now" or "Become a mentor" are all better than "If you're a biostatistician, take the survey" and "We look forward to seeing you in Baltimore" and "Sign up to make our field more inclusive".

Whatever the call to action is, leave visual space around it. Avoid embedding it in a paragraph or at the end of a sentence. Put at least two carriage returns above and below it.

4. Formatting matters
Spend as much time on formatting concerns as you would on copy editing.

5. Write content for the DSCN readers (rather than the project committee).
Know your audience. We have occasionally felt that sponsors are writing content to appeal to the project committee on which they serve - lots of lists of people or supporters who deserve/want public credit. This content does not perform as well as content that is deliberately written to appeal to DSCN readers.

6. Humor is appreciated by our audience. And our editors.

Will I get a content performance report?

The DSCN will share the number of click-throughs. 📊

How do I get in touch with the Data Science Community Newsletter team to become a sponsor?

Email these two:

Micaela Parker micaela@academicdatascience.org

Laura Norén laura.noren@nyu.edu