DSCN Sponsorships

The DSCN hits 8400+ inboxes, mostly belonging to highly educated people in the US. Quick facts about DSCN readers:

  • 86% have a Masters degree or higher
  • 17% plan to get another formal degree
  • 75%+ are based in the US
  • 70% of readers plan to learn from StackOverflow, Quora, and/or GitHub
  • 47% work in higher ed
  • 18% work in tech
  • 33%+ plan to organize an event in the next 12 months
  • ~70% plan to attend conferences and workshops in the next 12 months

We have more charts on the demographics of DSCN readership and what our readers want.

Sponsorship Options and Prices

⭐️ Masthead Sponsor

  • Logo at the top of the newsletter for two issues, with a five word description/call-to-action
  • Capped at 1 per newsletter for now

$5,000 - industry
$2,000 - academia (first time is discounted to $1,000)

📝 Sponsored Content Box  

  • 1-2 per newsletter
  • Content consists of one image and text. Both the image and the text can have links embedded.
  • The max amount of text is 8 lines, though we recommend against writing an unbroken paragraph of that length.

$1000 - industry
$500 -  academia, non-profit, and government

💼 DSCN Featured Job posting 

  • 2 lines, includes small logo, runs in 2 newsletters
  • 5 maximum per newsletter
  • Job also posted to ADSA Jobs Board

$200 - industry
$150 - academia, non-profits, government

📆 DSCN Event listing

  • 2 lines, runs in 2 newsletters
  • No cap on events per newsletter
  • Event also posted on ADSA Events Calendar

$200 - industry
$150 - academia, non-profits, government

🎙'DSCN the Podcast' sponsorship

DSCN is planning to launch a podcast that will deliver an audio version of the newsletter, complete with short reactions from our editorial team and key experts among our readership. When there’s breaking data science research in, say, astronomy, we’ll invite an astrophysicist from among our readership to provide color commentary. We’re searching for marquee sponsors to support DSCN-as-a-Podcast starting at $25,000 annually.

Check out our DSCN Sponsorship FAQs