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CDN Member Nathan Liang


Nathan Liang earned a Bachelor of Science in psychology with a minor in philosophy from Duke University, where he was a research assistant for Dr. Paul Seli in the Mind at Large Lab. Nathan was also a research fellow in the Imagination and Modal Cognition Lab under the guidance of Dr. Felipe De Brigard and Moral Attitudes and Decison-Making Lab under the guidance of Dr. Walter Sinnott-Armstrong.

Following his work at Duke, Nathan was a lab manager and research specialist for Dr. Diana I. Tamir in the Princeton Social Neuroscience Lab, where he analyzed behavioral interventions to increase empathy and social connection. He also oversaw studies that assess interventions that aimed to promote social good as a field experiment project manager in the Morality Lab at Boston College and research coordinator for the Applied Cooperative Initiative at MIT.

Current Role

Nathan is a first-year PhD student in the Applied Moral Psychology Lab in the Department of Psychology at Cornell University. His research interests include the application of computational methods to explore questions related to moral psychology. To conduct this research, Nathan works in Python and R for analyses and HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to develop experimental web applications.

Career Advice

For anyone who is just getting started in the world of data science, Nathan pointed to the abundant number of resources for programming that are available online. One that he recommended and used himself is DataCamp. If you’re looking for more resources, check out this list. Nathan also emphasized the importance of seeking out opportunities to gain hands-on experience. Working with experienced researchers was critical to advancing his understanding of the real-world applications of scientific studies and the technical skills that are needed to implement and evaluate these studies.

Outside of Work

When Nathan isn’t thinking about research or coding, he’s probably thinking about soccer, which is the love of his life. He also enjoys watching sci-fi and action films, experimenting with music production, and working out.

How to Connect

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