June 2020 Blog Post

Good with Data, LLC

Good with Data, LLC, founded by Dr. Renata Rawlings-Goss, has a mission to support professionals in Getting Good with Data and Doing Good with Data.

The flagship program “The Data Career Academy” helps faculty and professionals, including women and people of color, get an advantage in their career. The focus is taking on the problems that professionals face in career transitions and in integrating data into existing careers.

Renata Rawlins-Goss

Renata Rawlins-Goss

Faculty gain an advantage in teaching, mentoring others in career options, identifying problems and matching tools to use cases for social good, capstones, and funded research. Also, faculty are supported in becoming an ambassador and thought leader for data science within their departments and schools.

Professionals gain an advantage in integrating data with their current expertise, identifying top career niches, transition planning, skills assessments, as well as market trends and social positioning to make themselves indispensable within their current organization and beyond.

Good with Data

Good with Data also provides programs, workshops, and resources to help organizations in launching, building, or accelerating data science initiatives, with a clear purpose statement toward social good.

“People who choose data careers are like doctors. We have a high impact, a diversity of specialties, and a large number of problems to diagnose.  Like doctors, we also must commit to “do no harm” at the very least. To get Good with Data we must include all of us — data professionals, faculty, degree programs, companies, and people of all types including women and people of color. Here, we take “do no harm” a step further and commit to furthering the cause of those doing Good with Data."

"Remember, data does not have the power to shape our future. We do! It is up to US!”