Career Guidebook

The Career Guidebook is HERE!!!

We're thrilled to announce the release of Hiring, Managing, and Retaining Data Scientists and Research Software Engineers in Academia: A Career Guidebook from ADSA and US-RSE


Data Scientist and Research Software Engineer positions are growing in academia. The changing nature of computing and research offers opportunities to recognize and support these new types of positions in research teams.

The ADSA-USRSE Career Guidebook will serve as a reference for hiring managers and administrators on the motivation, means, and strategies for building and sustaining successful research programs and rewarding career paths for data scientists and research software engineers. It also serves as a reference for data scientists and RSEs for how to best engage in a productive and fulfilling career in data science or research software engineering.

Much of the guidebook is written for hiring managers, though elements are relevant to administrators, human resources employees, funding agencies, or data scientists and research software engineers themselves.


Chapter Leads

David Beck, University of Washington

Ian Cosden, Princeton University

Blake Joyce, University of Alabama at Birmingham

Jing Liu, University of Michigan

Christina Maimone, Northwestern University

Kenton McHenry, National Center for Supercomputing Applications

Micaela Parker, Academic Data Science Alliance

Steve Van Tuyl, Academic Data Science Alliance


Chapter Contributors

Nicky Agate, University of Pennsylvania

Peter Alonzi, University of Virginia

Arlyn Burgess, University of Virginia

Sean Cleveland, University of Hawaii System

Aaron Culich, University of California, Berkeley

Alex Davis, The Ohio State University

Sandra Gesing, University of Illinois, Chicago

Launa Greer, University of Chicago

Chris Holdgraf, 2i2c

Daniel S. Katz, National Center for Supercomputing Applications

Ray Levy, North Carolina State University

Cody Markelz, University of California, Berkeley

Nirav Merchant, University of Arizona

Scott Michael, Indiana University

Bill Mills, University of Colorado

Tiffany Oliver, Spelman College

Alessandro Orso, Georgia Institute of Technology

Gina-Maria Pomann, Duke University

Rahim Rasool, University of Chicago

Kristina Riemer, University of Arizona

Trevor Spreadbury, University of Chicago

Sarah Stone, University of Washington

Jess Sweeney, University of Chicago

Karen Tomko, Ohio Supercomputer Center

David Uminsky, University of Chicago

Valeri Vasquez, University of California, Berkeley

Jeffrey Young, Georgia Institute of Technology

Will Tomlinson, Boston University

Liz Vu, Sloan Foundation

Bruce Wilson, National Aeronautics and Space Administration


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