ADSA Student Chapters

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ADSA Student Chapters provide a unique opportunity for networking, mentoring, and bonding with students, leaders, and practitioners who share your passion for data science.


Meet and collaborate with peers who share your passion for data science at your college or university.


Gain new skills through hands-on workshops, events, and projects both online and in-person.


Advance your skills, career, and network by leveraging your knowledge to build solutions for local problems.

How to Start An ADSA Student Chapter

ADSA Student Chapters are charged with meeting the needs of their members and members of the larger community in which they operate. Each chapter is responsible for maintaining the frequency and quality of activity in the area they serve, and for identifying and promoting those activities of specific interest to their members. ADSA entrusts Chapter Members to share their expertise in ways that benefit individual members, the data science community, and society.

ADSA Student Chapters are also responsible for maintaining communication with ADSA, including reporting changes in officers and contact information and keeping member lists up to date. Every chapter must abide by ADSA’s Code of Conduct, in addition to adhering to state and federal laws and school policies and regulations.


1. ADSA Student Chapters Must Elect One Student Who Can Commit Two Consecutive Semesters to Serve as President.

  • The President must be a current member of ADSA in good standing. ADSA will cover the cost of the membership while the student serves as the President of the ADSA Student Chapter.
  • The President must serve as the primary contact for all parties interested in joining the local chapter.
  • The President must organize one or more special events and seminars each semester.
  • The President must oversee all organization activities and operations and ensure all ADSA and school policies are upheld.
  • The President must attend a 1-hour Virtual Student Chapter Meetup held annually in February. If the President cannot attend, a representative must be selected to take their place.

ADSA will accept applications between April and December of 2022. Starting in 2023, applications will be accepted once per year between April and August.

2. One Faculty or Staff Member Who Will Sponsor the ADSA Student Chapter.

3. Submit a Consititution.

  • The constitution provides guidelines that members must adhere to by joining the ADSA student chapter. Students are encouraged to use ADSA's sample constitution, which includes statements that comply with our policies.

There are no scholastic requirements and students are not required to be data science majors. All students are welcome and encouraged to get involved.

Start a Student Chapter

Join a global network of data scientists and help shape the next generation of data scientists by starting an ADSA Student Chapter at your school.



ADSA offers students the opportunity to meet other students and prominent data scientists during conferences and workshops. ADSA also provides access to online training seminars and educational resources to progress your career.


A representative at each school must separately apply to start an ADSA Student Chapter. For example, a prospective student president at the University of Colorado, Boulder must submit an application to start an ADSA Student Chapter at the University of Colorado, Boulder campus. Another prospective student president at the University of Colorado, Colorado Springs must submit an application to start an ADSA Student Chapter at the University of Colorado, Colorado Springs campus.

Faculty and Staff sponsors may serve as sponsors for more than one Student Chapter.


Student Chapter Presidents must respond to questions and concerns from club members and prospective members. They must also organize at least one event each semester (~3 months) and attend a 1-hour annual National Student Chapter Meetup held annually in February. Total time commitment is at least 3-5 hours per school year.

Chapter members are encouraged to attend all events ( at least 2 hours) and engage in projects to advance their learning.

Faculty/Staff Sponsors are not required to attend events and must only commit as much time as the school requires to oversee Student Chapter processes.