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Group photo from the Data Science Leadership Summit

Group photo at the 2023 Data Science Leadership Summit at Boston University

Data science is a new cross-disciplinary field, integrating computer science, statistics, mathematics, and many domain-specific approaches. Data science initiatives and centers are sprouting up at a rapid rate across the U.S. and beyond. It is an exciting time, but there are challenges these new programs face in the context of the university system.


What are the best ways to support data science and AI research and training across campus so that researchers are not left behind by the data revolution?



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When data science or AI are considered as a major, department, or division at a university, what are the foundational elements that comprise the degrees?


How does one effectively integrate data science and AI skills and best practices into curricula and training opportunities, particularly the skills necessary for students to reach the expectations of 21st century employers?


These and other institutional questions around academic data science are tackled by a growing community of leaders from data science institutes, centers, and programs, and faculty interested in creating new initiatives on their campuses. ADSA's Data Science Leadership members collaborate throughout the year on these topics, working on white papers together, attending community calls, and contributing to ADSA Working Groups. Annually, they meet in-person for a Leadership Summit: to broaden the academic community for data science; to share best practices where they face similar challenges and opportunities; and to take collective responsibility in preparing next-generation data scientists to contribute in the best interests of society. Summit topics change every year, but are determined by our rotating Program Committee as the most compelling to move our collective agendas forward into the next year.

Save the Date! The 2024 Data Science Leadership Summit will take place
May 5-8 at Georgia Tech!

2023 Data Science Leadership Summit Committee

  • Azer Bestavros, PC Chair - Boston University
  • Phil Bourne, 2021/2022 PC Chair - University of Virginia
  • Cheryl Brown - University of North Carolina at Charlotte
  • Andy Connolly - University of Washington
  • Debzani Deb - Winston-Salem State University
  • Kristin Eschenfelder - University of Wisconsin-Madison
  • Liz Langdon Gray - Harvard University
  • Hridesh Rajan - Iowa State University
  • Sohini Ramachandran - Brown University
  • Rachel Saidi - Montgomery College
  • Bill Southerland - Howard University

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2021-2022 Updates from Data Science Institutes

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Group photo

2019 Data Science Leadership Summit group photo

Previous Leadership Summit Committees

  • Phil Bourne, PC Chair - University of Virginia
  • Jay Aikat - University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
  • David Bader - New Jersey Institute of Technology
  • Andreas Berlind - Vanderbilt University
  • LaTanya Brown-Robertson - Bowie State
  • David Ebert - University of Oklahoma
  • Doug Hague - University of North Carolina, Charlotte
  • Raghu Machiraju, 2020 PC Chair - The Ohio State University
  • Sarah Stone - University of Washington
  • Sharon Tettegah - University of California, Santa Barbara
  • Amy Wagler - University of Texas, El Paso
  • Raghu Machiraju, PC Chair - The Ohio State University
  • Margrit Betke, 2019 PC Chair - Boston University
  • Cathryn Carson - University of California, Berkeley
  • Nicholas J. Horton - Amherst College
  • Vandana Janeja - University of Maryland, Baltimore County
  • Eric D. Kolaczyk - Boston University
  • David Mongeau - University of California, Berkeley
  • Purush Papatla - University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee
  • Abani Patra - Tufts University
  • Yasmeen Shorish - James Madison University
  • Margrit Betke, PC Chair - Boston University
  • Jay Aikat - University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
  • Srinivas Aluru, 2018 PC Chair - Georgia Institute of Technology
  • Phil Bourne - University of Virginia
  • Andrew Christlieb - Michigan State University
  • Melissa Cragin - University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
  • Vasant Honavar - Pennsylvania State University
  • Sallie Keller - University of Virginia
  • Tamer Ozsu - University of Waterloo, Canada
  • Srinivas Aluru, PC Chair - Georgia Institute of Technology
  • Jeannette M. Wing, Summit Founder - Columbia University
  • Stan Ahalt - University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
  • Ann Drobnis - The Computing Community Consortium
  • William D Gropp - University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
  • Rajesh Gupta - San Diego Supercomputer Center (SDSC) at the University of California San Diego
  • Ed Lazowska - University of Washington
  • Andrew McCallum - University of Massachusetts, Amherst

Leadership Summit Advisory Board

  • Srinivas Aluru - Georgia Institute of Technology
  • Azer Bestavros - Boston University
  • Phil Bourne - University of Virginia