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Membership in ADSA is open to organizations, institutions, and individuals engaged in data science in higher education or interested in supporting academic data science from adjacent sectors. At this time, institutional membership is limited to non-profit organizations and academic institutions. For-profit industry and companies: Please consider supporting ADSA with Event Sponsorships. We encourage membership in ADSA to signal support of our mission, vision, and values.  We believe strongly that together we can shape the future of data science for the better and create a community of researchers and educators who take responsibility for a just, equitable future where data science approaches are thoughtfully applied in all domains for the benefit of all. ADSA members are invited to contribute to community efforts through participation in our annual events, interest groups, working groups, information sharing, and other initiatives. 

ADSA activities are generally open to members and non-members alike, but membership does have special benefits and opportunities.  Check out the options for:

Note: Annual membership follows a typical academic fiscal year: July 1st - June 30th.

❤️ NEW Lab Membership!

You spoke up and we listened. We are now offering a Research Lab membership option. We offer this membership level to any small non-profit group or institute (including small academic departments). Read on for details!
Thank you, ADSA Community!

Institutional Membership

Annual Dues* 

  • Institutional membership - $5000
  • Community Colleges, Tribal Colleges and Universities, and Historically Black Colleges and Universities - $1000


  • Full individual ADSA Membership for up to 5 participants ($1000 value)
  • One guaranteed invitation to the invite-only Data Science Leadership Summit (registration fees not included) and a shout-out from the podium during the event
  • A FREE Sponsor Box in the Data Science Community Newsletter ($500 value) or any combination of 3 Featured Job or Featured Event advertisements ($450 value). The DSCN has over 8,500 subscribers.
  • Additional communications and outreach support, upon request
  • Inclusion in the Academic Member Highlights book (2 pages per membership)

📣 * NOTE: If the Institutional Membership price is too high, consider Lab or Individual Membership. Institutions with individual or lab members will be recognized on a Members List.

How to Join ~ Institutions

To join ADSA as an institution, use this link and we will reach out to you promptly!

Research Lab / Small Institute Membership

Intended for any small non-profit institute, department, or organization, including in academia. Group must have < 25 data science members.

Annual Dues

  • $800 for any non-profit sector, including academia and government. Group MUST be smaller than 25.
  • Not available to for-profit groups

Benefit Options

Option A: 

  • 10 individual memberships (10 x $100 annual meeting discounts + member directory access/listing),
  • 1 shout out or advertisement on ADSA social media and in our ADSA Monthly Newsletter.

Option B: 

  • 2 individual memberships (2 x $100 annual meeting discounts + member directory listing),
  • 1 sponsored content box in the Data Science Community Newsletter ($500 value, must be posted before July 1 of the membership year) OR a 1/2 page in the ADSA Institutions Member Book,
  • 2 shout outs or advertisements on ADSA social media and in our ADSA Monthly Newsletter.

For both Options, we will throw in a quirky presentation of the Data Science Community Newsletter to your lab (e.g. we had requests to produce a paper scroll version of the DSCN, an interpretive dance of the DSCN via TikTok, a drone delivery of the DSCN to a lab meeting, delivery of commemorative DSCN baked goods). Requests within reason will be considered! 🤪

How to Join ~ Lab

To join ADSA as a lab group, use this link and we will reach out to you promptly!

Individual Membership

Annual Dues

  • Students and Postdocs - $50 
  • Academic, non-profit, and government employees - $200
  • All other sectors - $500


  • $100 off ADSA annual meeting registration 
  • Opt-in to an ADSA member directory available only to other members and/or the public ADSA member directory
  • One shout-out for a job ad, event or program announcement to our ADSA Community via our Monthly Newsletter, Twitter, and LinkedIn (no product announcements please!)

How to Join ~ Individual

To join ADSA as an individual member, use this form:

Membership FAQ

What do you mean by “Institution”? 

Because we know that some organizations house multiple data science departments, institutes, programs, and initiatives that would like to retain their individual identity, we offer institutional membership at a variety of levels. If your university or college would like a single membership (shared single member benefits), you may pool your resources for said membership. On the other hand, if multiple units within your university or college would like to retain their identities in ADSA materials (such as the Member Book) and the ADSA website, those individual units may opt for their own memberships. For-profit entities are encouraged to support ADSA through our Sponsorships program. 

What if institutional membership is too expensive?

If institutional membership cost is prohibitive, consider individual membership. Individual members may opt-in to a member directory. We will post a list of institutions with individual members on our website.