ADSA Event Sponsorship

Sponsorship enables ADSA to bring you engaging and productive events, including the Data Science Leadership Summit and ADSA Annual Meetings. Sponsorship also promotes access to a wider, more diverse audience by enabling live streaming, video recording, captioning, scholarships and more. To streamline your giving, all sponsorships support the core operations of ADSA. Some giving tiers enjoy event-specific privileges, but all sponsorships are acknowledged in event materials. See details below.


Step 1 - Choose the meeting to sponsor


The Data Science Leadership Summit audience typically includes heads of data science institutes, chairs of departments, deans of schools, and faculty active in data science program development. *Please note: there will be no live streaming of this meeting.


The ADSA Annual Meeting is attended by students, postdocs, early and mid-career faculty and research staff. Some attendees for the Leadership Summit will also attend the Annual Meeting.


We host topical workshops throughout the year. If you would like to support these efforts generally or you have a specific event in mind, use the Contact Us link to get started.

Step 2 - Choose your sponsorship level and options below

  • We have both General and Targeted sponsorships available, plus opportunities for exhibitor tables

Step 3 - Contact us to kick off your sponsorship!

General Sponsorships

Targeted Sponsorships



Covers the labor and equipment for live streaming and recording of keynotes, research talks, and some other sessions. Allows users to participate regardless of location, and creates a more accessible conference. Benefits of sponsoring streaming and recorded video include:

  • Bronze Sponsorship benefits (listed above)
  • Sponsor logo and acknowledgment appended to final video recordings

Supports travel, registration, and an honorarium for our Keynote Speakers.

  • Logo on Keynote speaker introduction slide, and shout-out during speaker introduction
  • Supporter Sponsorship benefits (listed above)
Workshop (ADSA ANNUAL MEETING ONLY - $2,000)

Run a half-day workshop at the ADSA Annual Meeting.

  • Workshops should be interactive/hands-on.
  • Workshop presenters are strongly encouraged to register for the full meeting at the applicable rate for their sector (i.e. academia, nonprofit, or for-profit company)

Supports travel, hotel, per diem, and registration for need-based scholarships to attendees who would otherwise not be able to attend.

  • Logo on Travel Scholarship form and acknowledgment on website
  • Supporter Sponsorship benefits (listed above)

To increase accessibility to conference content, real-time live transcription and closed captioning of all presentations and announcements from the podium at the conference will be included with the webstream and in-person, along with full transcription after the fact to accompany recordings. Benefits of sponsoring transcription and closed captioning include:

  • Supporter Sponsorship benefits (listed above)
  • Acknowledgment in published closed captions and transcripts
FAMILY CARE ($1,500)

Childcare at the conference helps working parents and guardians attend and participate. Family Care sponsorship helps offset the cost of childcare provided on-site or of expenses incurred for care of a child, elderly parent, or other dependent off-site or at home for the duration of the meeting. Benefits of sponsoring Family Care include:

  • Supporter Sponsorship benefits (listed above)
  • Logo on Family Care reimbursement form and acknowledgment on website
HAPPY HOUR ($1,000)

Support the drinks and light hors d’ouevres during our late afternoon happy hours.

  • Supporter Sponsorship benefits (listed above)
  • Logo added to signage and the website for the meeting

Support the breaks during our poster sessions.

  • Supporter Sponsorship benefits (listed above)
  • Logo added to signage and the website for the meeting

Tables in a high-traffic area provide organizations a chance to interact with the ADSA community on-site, and visibility throughout the conference. Participants will be able to visit tables during the morning and afternoon breaks, lunches, breakout sessions, and immediately following daily sessions. General sponsors are encouraged to also get exhibitor tables.

  • Non-profit organization: $750
  • For-profit organization, normal rate: $1,500

If any of the above Sponsorships are of interest, please reach out to us.

Custom Sponsorships

Don’t see a Sponsorship that meets your needs? We can create a Custom Sponsorship. Contact us with your ideas.

Sponsor, Exhibitor and Advertiser Rules and Regulations

  • To assure responsiveness of the ADSA Annual Meeting and Data Science Leadership Summit to the mutual interests of registrants, it is necessary that exhibits be confined to those of an educational nature and to those featuring instruments, products, and services for use in science teaching or research, books, or other publications relevant to the disciplinary interests of participants.
  • Sponsors, Exhibitors, and Advertisers are expected to adhere to the ADSA Code of Conduct and the ADSA Sponsorship and Donor Guidelines at all times during the conference, including in “off” hours and during social time.
  • Soliciting business, holding meetings to generate new business, and advertising are strictly prohibited EXCEPT by exhibiting companies and organizations.
  • All displays, demonstrations, interviews, or other activities must be confined to the limits of the exhibit space, not to interfere with conference attendees and sessions.
  • No audiovisual device or sound system shall be operated in a manner that disturbs or interferes with other exhibitors, their patrons, conference attendees, or conference activities.
  • All demonstrations and displays, distribution of literature, samples, and other advertising materials must be confined to the Exhibitor’s own space.