03 Community Projects

ADSA takes on projects in collaboration with our community members and member organizations. These projects are community driven, with facilitation and organization by ADSA staff, and represent the community's approach to pressing issues in academic data science and related areas of interest. Below are a few of our Community Projects.

We will keep the ADSA community apprised of progress on these projects throughout the year. If you would like to get involved with any of these projects, please reach out to us and express your interest!


Rapid Response Data Science - Examining the ability of data scientists in academia to rapidly engage with emerging crises (e.g. COVID)

Data Science Ethos Lifecycle - Building tools and case studies that help students, instructors, and researchers navigate ethical considerations in their work

Standardization and Transparency in Data Science Master's Degrees - Characterizing data science master's programs and building a taxonomy for data science competencies

Open Datasets for Data Science Education - Curating open datasets for teaching data science in the classroom and in a research setting (e.g. in capstone projects)

Interested in joining these or starting up another ADSA project? Contact us and we can discuss and organize a project!