Career Development Network


Here you can learn all about ADSA's Career Development Network (CDN).

CDN’s Mission: To advance data science best practices in research and teaching by supporting the professional advancement and growth of developing data scientists. 


In support of this mission, our group pursues four specific activities:

  • CONNECTING: Building an interdisciplinary community of collaborative researchers and educators through regular communications and in-person meetings
  • SHARING: Promoting knowledge and skill sharing to enable members to stay up-to-date with rapid developments in methods, tools, software, and pedagogy and integrate new approaches into their research and teaching
  • MENTORING: Creating mentorship relationships between members to support career development
  • FUNDING: Assembling interdisciplinary teams of members to jointly pursue competitive funding for collaborative research, and connecting existing research teams to available funding opportunities


Our members are have been drawn from the alumni and current members of the Moore-Sloan Data Science Environments, but we are looking to expand membership. If you are interested in joining:

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