2020 Data Science Institution Updates

As Data Science emerges as a new field, academic institutions around the world are following different routes toward establishing organizational units for the critical education and scholarship. There are several options for housing data science efforts on academic campuses (eg: Program, Department, Center, Institute, College) reflecting the diverse base of the scholars and the intrinsic interdisciplinarity of the field. Each institution has its own unique path and story to tell, with challenges faced and overcome.

Below are brief updates from a selection of institutions participating in the 2020 Data Science Leadership Summit. These institutions have shared their stories - including highs, lows, successes, and challenges - in the hope that this sharing will benefit the academic community as we continue to build and transform the field of data science.

Download the pdfs or Watch the videos:

  1. Bates College (pdf) - Lightning Talk
  2. Denison University (pdf)
  3. Michigan State University (pdf)
  4. Montgomery College (pdf) - Lightning Talk
  5. New Jersey Institute of Technology (pdf) - Lightning Talk
  6. New York University (pdf)
  7. The Ohio State University (pdf) - Lightning Talk
  8. Ramapo College (pdf) - Lightning Talk
  9. Syracuse University (pdf) - Lightning Talk
  10. Tufts University (pdf)
  11. University of California, Berkeley (pdf)
  12. University of Delaware (pdf) - Lightning Talk
  13. University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign (pdf)
  14. University of Michigan (pdf) - Lightning Talk
  15. University of North Carolina, Charlotte (pdf) - Lightning Talk
  16. University of Oklahoma (pdf) - Lightning Talk
  17. University of Rochester (pdf) - Lightning Talk
  18. University of Texas, El Paso (pdf)
  19. University of Virginia (pdf) - Lightning Talk
  20. University of Washington (pdf)
  21. Vanderbilt University (pdf) - Lightning Talk
  22. Washington State University (pdf)

Thank you to all our contributors!