05ADSA Meetings

ADSA’s flagship events are the ADSA Annual Meeting (previously the Data Science Environments Summit) and the Data Science Leadership Summit. These annual events provide opportunities for community building and sharing that are central to our mission and help our community connect and grow.

group photo outside a ski lodge
2018 Data Science Environments Summit

The Academic Data Science Alliance Annual Meeting supports data science practitioners (graduate students, postdocs, staff researchers and faculty), administrators, and educators to collectively address common issues in research, education and training, program administration, and advocacy for data scientist career paths in higher education. Recognizing that researchers in all fields can contribute to the evolution of data science, the Annual Meeting provides a domain-agnostic venue for presenting new data science research and pedagogy.

The goal of the Data Science Leadership Summit is to convene the heads of current and nascent data science programs, and faculty interested in creating new initiatives on their campuses to form an academic community for data science; to share best practices where they face similar challenges and opportunities; and to take collective responsibility in preparing next-generation data scientists to contribute in the best interests of society.

ADSA Annual Meeting - Virtual

The ADSA Annual Meeting has pivoted to virtual for 2021. Some of our content, such as Research Talks, will come to your email inbox over the next few months, while other content will be presented virtually, about one session per week, from November 2021 through March 2022. We look forward to seeing you online soon, and in person next year!

March In-Person Meeting

In addition to running much of our meeting content online this year, we have decided to hold an abbreviated, in-person meeting in March 2022. The primary goal of this meeting is to offer opportunities for the ADSA community to network, discuss, and find avenues for collaboration. Keep an eye out for more information here!