2021-2022 ADSA Virtual Meeting


About the ADSA Virtual Meeting

The Academic Data Science Alliance Annual Meeting (virtual in 2020 and 2021-22) supports data science practitioners (students, postdocs, staff researchers, and faculty), administrators, and educators to collectively address common issues in research, education and training, program administration, and advocacy for data scientist career paths in higher education. Recognizing that researchers in all fields can contribute to the evolution of data science, the Annual Meeting provides a domain-agnostic venue for presenting new data science research and pedagogy.

New in 2021-2022, we brought you the Data Science Conversations series. This series invites leaders of data science programs, institutes, and schools to share their approaches and challenges to integrating data science on their campuses. By sharing their stories, we hope to provide ideas and guidance to new and emerging data science programs. CHECK OUT THE PLAYLIST ON YOUTUBE.

READ MORE about the schools that participated in the Data Science Conversations series HERE.

Interested to see the sessions from this meeting? You can now download the schedule for the 2021-2022 ADSA Virtual Meeting, either with session abstracts, or download a shorter version with session titles only.

Virtual Meeting Videos

Videos of the sessions from the 2021-2022 ADSA Virtual Meeting are now available on our YouTube page. You can find our individual sessions and Data Science Conversations at the link below.

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2021 ADSA Annual and Virtual Meeting Planning Committee

Arlyn Burgess

Chief of Staff, University of Virginia School of Data Science

Bryna Hazelton

Senior Research Scientist, eScience Institute and Physics Department, University of Washington

Andrea Jones-Rooy

Visiting Associate Professor & Director of Undergraduate Studies, Center for Data Science, New York University

John MacMullen

Executive Director, Midwest Big Data Innovation Hub

Briana Joy Stephenson

Assistant Professor of Biostatistics, Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health

Krystal Tsosie

ELSI and Policy Director, Native BioData Consortium

Maryam Vareth

Co-Director of Innovate For Health and Data Science Research Lead in Health & Life Sciences at Berkeley Institute for Data Science

Maria Han Veiga

Postdoctoral fellow, Michigan Institute for Data Science

Angela Wilkins

Executive Director, Ken Kennedy Institute at Rice University