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The Academic Data Science Alliance (ADSA) builds communities of academic data science leaders, practitioners, and educators, and academic-adjacent colleagues, to thoughtfully integrate data science best practices in higher education. Our members connect and share their data-intensive approaches and responsible applications. Learn more!

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3 Proposals to Change How We Teach Computing In Order to Reduce Inequality - Communications of the ACM, Blog@CACM, Mark Guzdial. "The pandemic makes this change more urgent. Teaching on-line will likely hurt our students with the least preparation..."

Reliance on Observational Data Could Hinder Discovery of Evidence-Based Treatments - Duke University, Duke Clinical Research Institute. "Even in the midst of a global pandemic, taking the time to conduct randomized controlled trials is the most rigorous way to build evidence for potential treatments..."

TextXD 2020

Registration for TextXD – Text Analysis Across Domains 2020 is open! In addition to the ‘law and justice’ domain, TextXD 2020 will present  computational text analysis approaches, perspectives, solutions in under-represented languages in NLPhealth, and environmental issues.


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